Magik Roundabout was started in 1990 as a distribution company of Punjabi music in the UK. Changing technology meant exploring new methods of distribution and exposure for upcoming and established artists. Our services offer digital music promotion, distribution and support to those who don’t have a  source or knowledge to get their work out to the audience .

Promoting Punjabi Culture in the UK through music and performing arts since 1990

New Releases

Onx Tamber - Sardarni
Onx Tamber has teamed up with the legendary Pate Ware to compile this latest Bhangra smasher.


Reputable and established multi-cultural and talented performers to liven up any event. Sensational Punjabi / Bollywood / Ghazal singers and entertainers to keep guest entertained for: Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Concerts with full AV technology.


Rashpal Bobby
After releasing a devotional song “ Dhan Dhan Teri Sikhi “ in 2017 and Lehnga in 2018 Rashpal is now releasing a new Bhangra song. Roop Mutiyar Da. Written by Jassi Premi and Rashpal. Jassi Premi and Lali Dhaliwal put the finishing touches to the music to give it a contemporary beat for the dance floor. Please share and support this beautiful compilation.

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During the 70’s and 80’s  great Punjabi bands  were dominating the UK Bhangra scene. This was a period Bhangra music was “the” most important event for most UK Asian teenagers, due to a huge demand for recorded music in the UK,  I decided to get involved with the marketing and distribution of recorded Bhangra music.

I worked with great bands, travelling untold miles with them to various prestigious clubs and locations every weekend. After returning from an 8 hours shift, I would spend hours packing cassettes, posters, various promotional material and then deliver them to the music stores nationwide. The digital age brought many changes, for me it meant I didn’t have to sit up until daybreak packing cassettes, CD’s and then transporting them to various locations.

Our main aim now , is to support and help upcoming and established artists get the exposure they deserve.

Surinder Dhanjal