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Azaad the Legendary band Azaad in 1987. The 80’s period is now regarded as the golden age of modern Punjabi music. A handful of bands revolutionised the Bhangra scene and Azaad were at the forefront of this creative period.


Jassi Premi

As a pioneer of the UK Bhangra industry from the 1980’s, Jassi Premi has been entertaining the crowds for over 35 years. Hit songs such as ‘Jago Aahiya’, ‘Teri Ni Kaali Guth Goriye’, ‘Aaj Mein Peeniya’ and countless others have been enjoyed by fans throughout the world and played at thousands of milestone events such as birthdays and weddings. Packed out world tours have seen him perform live to crowds in Canada, USA, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Kenya, Sweden, France and many more where the diaspora has demanded a show. Known for his smooth and extensive vocal range, he is also a multi-talented musician, playing the Harmonium, Sitar and most famously the Tumbi.


Kash Azaad

With wholehearted songs that capture deep wisdom as well as a childlike joy, Kash’s music has always demanded the attention of all who have affection for Punjabi music. His years with Azaad saw him as a versatile singer who could put together a dance tune as well as a soft Punjabi ballad that touched hearts of many. With guidance from his Guru, Sahib Singh from Delhi, Kash has reached new heights with his voice and his writing. Zindagi tells the story of all things dear to you.


Parminder Azaad

10 years ago I had hung up my Bhangra Cape for good, but since then hardly a week goes by when I don’t come across someone asking why we ‘Packed in’ our hugely successful Band AZAAD and reminiscing and comparing the Music of the 80’s and 90’s to that of today’s. Whether it was a Dance Track or a Romantic Ballad or a ‘Sad Song’ as it was referred to in those days, each Track had a place in these Peoples hearts. Some Impress me by singing a few lines from one of our songs from the 80’s some impress me even more by humming the whole music piece from the track. Surprisingly these ‘Old Skool’ Music Fans are not my Age at all, they are usually half my age and some even younger and some weren’t even born when we produced those Albums all those years ago. Maybe it’s because the Music in those days was produced differently to the superfast ‘manufactured’ process we have today. The legendary Bhangra vocalist Parminder Azaad. After releasing 15 albums spanning 21 years, Azaad were at the forefront of the live band scene during the 80’s & 90’s. Parminder Azaad returns with a brand new solo album titled ‘Punjabi Flava’. It’s been a challenge to get back into an Industry that has changed so much, but even if you like one track from this Album it will have been well worth it.” ‘Punjabi Flava’ has been produced by Parminder Azaad, T J Rehmi and Bagga Dimana who have given the album a refreshing contemporary feel.